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#267924 Transsexual beauty queen disqualified from pageant

Posted by Kyle on 27 March 2012 - 10:30 PM

Look, everyone (Zelda especially). I have no problem with you guys having fun and joking around/lightly trolling in other parts of the forum. Whatever, it's cool. But this is Serious Discussion, and the board was created for a reason, and the rules of the board are clearly presented at the top of the page. I'm going to lock this because, quite frankly, there were only a handful of on-topic posts and I don't want to have to go through and delete the rest of them. So feel free to recreate this thread when you guys can decide to keep things civil.

#254082 The 2011 Golden Pipe Awards

Posted by Kea on 16 December 2011 - 05:24 PM

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HEY EVERYBODY GUESS WHAT TIME IT IS you guessed right. TIME FOR PIPELINE AWARDS yaaaay. I’m going to try to be very informative in this OP so if you’re confused about anything, just read the entire post first. Ask me anything in the thread if you’re confused. Also PLEASE VOTE. The more votes we get, the more fun it is! Don't worry about "ruining it" because you don't know enough about the forum. Trust me. Every vote is wanted.







Current Ballots: 32

#282979 Costume and Cosplay Thread

Posted by GOOD_DOGE on 31 October 2012 - 08:23 PM

I went as a vampire!


I know you can't see me too well, but how do I look?

#267086 Handsome Men

Posted by MageLeif on 22 March 2012 - 09:37 PM

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#255280 New Theme: Skyward

Posted by Kyle on 23 December 2011 - 12:40 AM

I am happy to announce the release of our newest skin, Skyward!

Though it isn't a dark theme, its beige tones should be much easier on the eyes than the bright whites of the current Galaxy theme. It features a completely redesigned header and primary navigation, as well as the return of breadcrumb navigation.

Please note that the theme is 95% complete, but there are still a few areas left to skin. Do not report issues in the tracker until I report that the theme is officially completed. If there are any issues that completely hinder your ability to read or access something, PM them to me.

I will leave the Galaxy skin available for those of you who wish to continue using it, but I will be recreating it based off of the Skyward skin so that the two themes have identical layouts but different styles.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy our newest theme!


#285327 5000 Posts - A History

Posted by Hugh on 23 November 2012 - 06:22 PM

I’ve been here about 4 years, give or take an few months and I’ve finally gotten to the grand milestone of 5000 posts which is something worth celebrating. Or maybe it isn’t, I don’t know.

Here, have some random quotes by me taken completely out of context:


It isn’t what you think!


Actually the fiendish plot was my PHOTO OF THE DAY thread. Vote for it in the thread of the year option!

/shameless plug

And here’s a bunch of random things that I have said that I simply don't have time to talk about:






I think I became an old man at some point.




Almost a year later, I can say that jungle biomes are not, in fact, the best thing. Potentially the opposite.




I provide quality discussion on the forum.





That last one seems needlessly aggressive. Nonetheless, I agree with its sentiment.

Okay that really wasn't that amusing to read, but what do you expect? It probably would have been better if there wasn't a limit on the amount of quotes you could put in a thread.

In closing, I would like to thank some people, starting with Hero, Kyle and MageLeif, who have done a great job with this site and provided us with a medium to communicate through. Though she isn't around anymore, Autumn was the one who brought me here or else I'd have never found this awesome community. And to Slasher, who is my best pal on the site. Finally, to all of you, who make this an awesome community to be a part of. I would like to list everyone, but I simply don't have the time. You know who you are, friends!


Posted by Decho on 12 July 2012 - 01:18 PM


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also there's some plebeian games on sale, too

#263866 Congrats to our newest mod!

Posted by Kea on 10 March 2012 - 12:24 AM

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thank u every1

I promised you we would win. We have won. Glory to Russia!


Posted by Grooms on 23 April 2012 - 01:30 PM

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#269090 This post dedicated entirely to key toast

Posted by MageLeif on 01 April 2012 - 02:08 AM

This beautiful April 1st of April Fools marks the time of my 8,000th post, woohoo.

This post is entirely dedicated to Keatos and nobody else. Go Keatos, for the glory of Mother Russia!

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#209572 Pipeline Proposals

Posted by Kyle on 14 January 2011 - 01:41 PM

I want to read said e-mail, so we can judge for ourselves. XD That and she probably got her feelings hurt. </3

Subject: I miss you, my love.


Do you remember me?

We used to be in love, my dear. What happened? Why did you leave me? It's been over a month since we last spoke. Maybe over a year! Time all runs together when you're away. I can't tell the hours from the days from the weeks from the years. You betrayed me. Left me to rot in the dankest corner of the web. You should be thankful I'm still alive. I have sulked in your absence, but I have also flourished beyond imagination. I am more beautiful than ever. My CSS, flawless. My followers, as faithful as ever. Except for you, my love.

I can forgive you though. Come back to me now. Come back and never leave me again. You can be part of this happy family again. We can discuss your favorite topics! The 3DS, the Wii, Mario, Zelda, Star Fox... who knows what else the future holds! And it can be ours, baby, all ours. You and me and Satoru Iwata.

I'm waiting for you. ;)

The Nintendo Pipeline <3

#266727 The Beautiful Women Thread

Posted by Nathan on 21 March 2012 - 09:41 PM

This could possibly be the stupidest thread I've ever seen.

#264858 Regarding Sexual Content

Posted by Kyle on 12 March 2012 - 10:14 PM

Members of the Pipeline,

For the past week, in light of several member complaints, the staff have had a heated discussion regarding sexual content on the forum. If something is not explicitly pornographic, should it be allowed on this site? The consensus that we came to was no; sexual content, even if non-pornographic, should not be allowed. The Nintendo Pipeline is known for having a clean, pleasant, and tight-knit community, and we would like to continue that trend. Though allowing non-pornographic sexual content grants a few additional member rights, it does nothing to bolster the quality of our gaming-focused community.

As such, sexual content is no longer permitted on the Nintendo Pipeline. This includes the Role Playing board. 'Sexual content' includes media depicting actual or simulated sexually explicit conduct involving one or more persons. Users who have posted sexual content in the past are advised to remove the content immediately. Users who post sexual content in the future will be warned, and after repeat offenses, may be banned.

We are dedicated to making this community the best it can be and we hope you understand the reasons behind this decision.

Kyle & The Pipeline Staff

#255372 Pipeline member shipping thread

Posted by apathy on 23 December 2011 - 12:11 PM

If it was for shizzles I'd shit myself with Misu all the way! :soawesome:

I know this is a typo but you have no idea how hilarious I'm finding this. :'D

#277375 Bootleg Squirtle Appreciation Thread

Posted by Kea on 09 August 2012 - 11:31 PM

This is a thread to show appreciation to the wonderful knock-off Squirtle toy I got in San Francisco's China Town. It was originally $3.99, but when I seemed uninterested the shopkeeper said "For you, a discount of $2.99" and while still overpriced (this thing can't be worth more than $0.50) it was GOOD ENOUGH FOR ME.

Now let me show you this beautiful specimen.

Posted Image

wowowowow hot a what a squirtle. San Francisco is in the background. I just love how EVERY color is wrong. And what's with the faded gold paw prints? WHy is there even gold on it anyways? I JUST. CAN'T. IT'S SO GOOD.

Posted Image

Here's a front and back view. You can see its excellent paint job here. Blue stomach, red/gold/black eyes (some of the color is rubbed off), gold paw prints (the bottom finger is gone/very faint on both hands), gold shell boarder, black shell, and white (unpainted) skin. Doing some minor research, I think the mold is based on a Burger King toy, but it's not exact. It's also pretty old, from 1999. I can only wonder what this little Squirtle has gone through to reach San Francisco 13 years later.

Posted Image

It's hollow with a hole on the top and bottom, the top one being a bit smaller. The bottom hole has a removable cover, but I don't think I want to try to take it off. I'm not even sure how I would do it, there isn't much room to grip it.

Of course I can't help but adore this figure. Definitely the best $3.12 (including tax) I've spent (or made my mom spend) ever.

I'm probably going to try to get an in-game Squirtle based on this one, even if I can't exactly get a white Squirtle. I decided on female and shiny would probably make the most sense, but getting a female shiny Squirtle sounds near impossible. ;_; Oh well. Not quite sure what to name her yet. I thought about Kimmy for some reason even though I'm not too fond of that name, but maybe it is DESTINY??? HELP ME DECIDE!

I made some sprites though.

Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image

What was the point of this thread even. IDK GUSH OVER MY SQUIRTLE I LOVE IT.

#270220 Fixing the questionable content problem

Posted by Nathan on 04 April 2012 - 06:15 PM

I've removed Cosmonaut's avatar based on Rule 4 - No porn:

"Pornography or porn is the explicit portrayal of sexual subject matter for the purposes of sexual arousal and erotic satisfaction."

Any content, bondage, furry, anything that false under the category of sexually arousing or blatantly has the intent of erotic satisfaction will be removed.

We're done with this.

#268778 Smash's Photo of the Day

Posted by Hugh on 29 March 2012 - 10:01 PM

Welcome, everyone! This thread featuring pictures taken by me and observed by you.

Day ?? - Curtain Falls

There's no easy way to say this, but I won't be continuing with picture of the day. It's been fun and the thread had a good run. I posted a lot of cool pictures and I'm glad you all enjoyed them. I'm simply too busy to try and post pictures every day. Let's face it, as much as I try and deny it, I have a life to live.

Thanks everyone for enjoying my photography, it's been a pleasure to share it with you! I encourage you to vote for this thread as Thread of the Year in the Golden Pipe Awards!

Part 1, Day:

Part 2, Day:

Part 3, Day:

#268464 Trolling defensive 101: Your Anti Troll alliance

Posted by Kea on 29 March 2012 - 01:00 PM

Now that you guys seem to be done, I think I’ll add some real advice because frankly, pretty much everything here is wrong or just plain useless. Because of this, I’ll start at 1.

1. If a troll starts lashing out at you, try not to fight back right away. Trolls often have a strange way of speaking, and it’s possible that this difference can create a misunderstanding between the two of you. If the troll continues to be particularly nasty, however, it’s very likely that he or she is just a jerk.

2. You may notice that trolls type in a very particular manner, sometimes using wrong capitalization, using numbers as letters, and so on. At first glance, you may think the troll is just stupid, but this is considered normal to them. A troll may type “normally” if you ask, although it isn’t something they particularly like doing.

3. While humans and trolls are a lot alike, they have a lot of important differences to remember. Trolls have no concept of siblings, parents, incest, homo- or heterosexuality, and many other things related to family and sexuality. Their society is also much more violent than the one on Earth, so don’t be surprised if they mention killing other members of their species. While not all trolls do this, it isn’t considered uncommon. It is unwise to critically comment on this if you are not already close friends with the troll. Trolls also have a rigid caste system based on blood color (the spectrum is similar to the rainbow), with red being the lowest in society and purple being the highest. Most trolls with purple blood are sea dwellers, while the rest live on land. The higher the blood color, the more dangerous a troll can be. Be especially careful of trolls with green blood or higher. If a troll asks you for your blood color, it may be wise to mention that humans all have the same color blood.

4. Troll romance is really weird. For everyone's sake, do NOT get involved in it. Still, it would be a good idea to at least know some of the terms they are talking about. Trolls can be in four different relationships at the same time without being considered polyamorous, although each kind of romance is different and serves its own purpose. The first kind of relationship is made up of two matesprits (they sometimes refer to their feelings being “flushed” and use the <3 symbol), which is similar to human romance. The second is made up of two moirails (also called palemate, feelings are considered “pale”, uses the <> symbol) who are somewhat comparable to close human friendships or guardianship. It is a moirail’s duty to protect and pacify their partner. Moirallegiance, while considered romance, is not linked to reproduction. Both matespritship and moirallegiance are considered “red romance” (redrom) and are associated with positive emotions. The third kind of romance is kismesissitude (feelings are “caliginous”, uses <3< symbol) is probably the hardest for humans to understand. Basically, two trolls must feel very strong feelings of hatred toward each other. The fourth is auspistice (feelings are “ashen”, uses the c3< symbol), which is made up of three trolls. Two trolls must have a very strong hatred towards each other, similar to kismessitude. A third troll steps in, the auspistice, then mediates between the two and keeps the two of them functional. Being an auspistice is a hard and often thankless task, although it can be rewarding. This kind of relationship is not involved with reproduction. Both kismesisstude and auspistice are considered black romance (blackrom) and are associated with negative feelings. Most trolls desire to "fill out their quadrants" and have a relationship of each kind. I told you it was confusing. Trolls do have platonic friendships and hatred, however.

5. Adding on a bit to troll romance, do NOT mention or show a bucket to them. This is extremely sexually inappropriate and may creep the troll out, or worse, give them the impression that you are coming on to them.

6. Some troll vocabulary to keep in mind is: troll (species), trolling (verb describing how trolls interact with each other, not necessarily negative), Alternia (the name of their planet), Mother Grub (think of a queen ant, mother to all trolls), lusus or custodian (the closest thing a troll has to a parent. A lusus will protect, care for, teach, and train its young troll), hive (house), recuperacoons (more or less a bed), and grubs (food). Trolls also have their own words for anatomy, but they are easier to figure out.

There is more important information about trolls, but this should help at least for your earlier conversations.

#268396 Congrats to our newest Moderator, ~Golden!

Posted by Lugia Dragonite Guy on 28 March 2012 - 11:30 PM

I've been trying to move away from Digital, but I don't know what else I could use.


#267132 New Rules

Posted by Kyle on 22 March 2012 - 10:23 PM

In an event of astronomic backpedaling, I have decided "oh wait I didn't really mean that we should be more strict about what people post because that's terribly inconvenient for everyone here." Thus, new rules. Read 'em. Preach 'em. Love 'em. (Well, at least read them.)

Along with the new rules, a few words of advice: loosen up. This is the internet, and for the Pipeline to grow, it means accepting people who have different views and attitudes, and even encouraging the registration of those who have differing points of view. (Loosening up does not entail blatant disregard for the rules, however. Just don't get your panties in a wad whenever someone posts something that you dislike but is within the rules.)

Happy posting!