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Help Topic: Getting Started

What is a forum?
A forum is, by definition, "a public meeting or assembly for open discussion". What you are viewing now is Nintendo Pipeline's forum.

What are boards, sub-boards, threads, and posts?
Think of a board as a country. Within the country are cities (sub-boards), which contain houses (threads). Residing in said houses are people (posts). So basically, a board is a large area that contains many sub-boards, threads, and posts. A sub-board is a smaller version of a board, simply used for organizational purposes. A thread is something to discuss about, and it contains posts - thoughts of the individual person.

What are Private Messages? (PMs)
A PM is short for a Private Message. Private Messages are used for conversations with others, and may be accessed via the Messages link in username drop-down located in the upper-right hand corner.

What is an Avatar?
An avatar is a picture that is viewed below your name, rank, and reputation. You may change your avatar from the Profile tab of the User Control Panel. Click here to change your avatar.

What are Ranks?
Ranks are titles assigned to users for reaching a certain post count. New abilities are unlocked as newer ranks are reached. A complete list of Ranks and their abilities may be found in the "Ranks" portion of the Help files. Certain special ranks, such as Adepts and Moderators are assigned to certain people in recognition of being an active, respected member of the community.