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need a club nintendo code, see inside for details

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  • Waddle Dee
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Posted 06 March 2014 - 04:18 PM

hello, i need a download code (unused) for one of the qualified games to get pokemon X or Y for free. i only need a 3DS serial number and a donkey kong tropical freeze serial number.    i really appreciate your help. p.s. you must put the code in a spoiler and state that no one opens it besides the topic creator.


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Posted 06 March 2014 - 05:13 PM

So basically your asking for somebody to give you about 200 coins worth, that cost people about $250 for the 3DS + game, all for yourself for free. As the very blunt person I am, I can tell you why this won't happen.


1) You're still a new member with only 6 posts.

2) I doubt you've built up any trust amongst the members yet.

3) Your quality of posts could be better. (Capitalize the first letter of a sentence and those individual i's, use line breaks when they're needed, etc.)

3.5) An attempt at proper grammar is probably the best way to be seen as a more respectable member.

4) Asking the codes to be in spoilers is not the best option. That's like telling everyone in a room that you put $250 in an envelope, leaving it on the table, and expecting nobody to take it after you walk away.

4.5) A better option would have been to ask for them to send you the code through the private messaging system.


I'm not trying to be offensive, even if it might sound that way. Personally I find the best way to give help is through some criticism. So try to think of it more as advice if anything.


With that said... I'm going to have to lock this thread. It doesn't serve a purpose of discussion, which is what a topic/thread is supposed to do. If you wish to continue with asking for codes, you may create a status update instead. Though I wouldn't get your hopes up for replies even then.