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Mario Party 10

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Posted 07 April 2016 - 07:42 PM

Wow. I wish I had re-visited this board before we decided to purchase Mario Party 10....


So here's our current setup: Gamepad (of course), 1 Wii Remote with Wii Classic controller, and one Wii U Pro controller. HIGHLY disappointed to discover that the Gamepad is only used for a "special Bowser mode" and the Pro controller isn't even compatible. Like, I just waltzed into Walmart, bought the game, and came home. What was going to be a game for my hubby, my kid, and I to play has now turned into watching my hubby play a solo game whilst grumbling about having to have more Wii remotes to play it together.


But I can only blame myself for not being informed. *shrugs*


It looks pretty neat, at least. Maybe at least the kiddo can play this game by himself some (and give Super Mario Maker a break). 


At least I can be Rosalina!

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