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Citizens of Earth-A quick peek at my romp as VP.

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Posted 04 February 2015 - 06:36 PM

I had no idea I wanted to play Citizens of Earth. I had not even heard of the game until a gamer friend asked me if I was getting it. 


So, I got it. I am an easy sell.


It is funny, really funny in spots, political humour for the most part. It seems to be touted as the next Earthbound, of sorts. I guess I can see that, though I never finished my copy of Earthbound.


You are the Vice President of....Earth, not Vice President of a small country, or even a large country, Earth, the whole planet and you are the VP. 


The VP is not the sharpest tool in the box, (which makes for some hilarious dialogue) but he sure appears to do more work, and a lot more leg work than the President does.


It appears that something is amiss on Earth, and you as the newly elected VP  (along with your mom, lol) have decided to save Earth. 


Billed as a JRPG,  this is not a super hard game, but it is confusing unless you really pay attention. You backtrack a lot. You do quests and play mini games (some of them are really tough), so that you can recruit more characters. Each character has a special ability, the gardner can clip through blocked hedges, the handyman can fix doors,  the pilot can fly you to places, the firefighter can rescue you (send you back to your home) and so on. You fight battles upon battles with enemies (thankfully you can see the enemies and when you are a high enough level, the lower level enemies run away from you) and live off of donuts. The battle moves have some pretty funny comments associated with them. The music is catchy I love the desert music and the junkyard music. 


Now the beefs. The overview maps are terrible, and you never get to see the whole world, and I keep forgetting which way certain areas are. The graphics are not bad, but in a few areas they seem fuzzy. A bit of lag now and then, if there are a lot of enemies on the screen. Then there is the freezing and your characters getting stuck in a doorway or corner or behind a tree. Sigh. These issues are known to the developer and they are making a patch. I wrote to the developer and he replied himself, which was nice. It seems that they had little choice but to release the game even though they knew it had issues. I guess if you get a slot to release the game you best take it or loose out for who knows how many months or years. This is not the first game I have played that had a lot of freezing issues and it makes game play not so much fun. Thankfully this game has "auto save" when you enter or exit a building so you don't loose too much progress. Still I am anxiously awaiting the patch, even though I cannot set the game aside to wait for it. :P


All in all, at the intro price of 11.99 here in Canada, I am having fun and a laugh and glad I picked it up.


A quick note on another game. I picked up the demo of Code Name:Steam. I really thought I wanted to play this game, but having played about 10 minutes of the demo I don't think I want to now. Having to control the camera to see where things are just sets my teeth on edge. Too bad, I love Steam Punk and thought this would be fun. I am sure a lot of people will love it though. 



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