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RPG Maker FES-Player-Games that are worth playing.

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Posted 06 August 2017 - 02:42 PM

The RPG Player is free to download on the 3DS, you can also download the DLC content for free, just go to download contents and the update will be there.


I have been playing free games since this came out and there are some good ones out there. I will list the completed games first, because who really wants to play a non-complete game. The games are limited in length but, there are some games I have played for over 5 hours so I think that is not too bad.


Complete games worth playing:


Coexistence-3121-creator Bizz. A space type game.


Apartment 412-39356-creator Aleph. A short mystery, solve puzzles, passwords.


Earth's Final Hour DX-187-creator A.Crossland. You have an hour to get what you need to save yourself, a fetch quest that is really zany and fun. Multiple ending scores. I got B. I love this game. A.Crossland makes great games.


Downfall FES-891-creator ƒJosh. His own original story creation. Puzzles, passwords. Good game.


13th Helloween-2388-creator-M. Burnside. A horror story with puzzles.


Unnatural Selection-187-creator A.Crossland. Excellent horror/mystery story, puzzles.


The Vampire Must Die-2388-creator M. Burnside. Horror, puzzles. He is a real life writer and he is working on the third game.


Return to the Skies-898-an RPG, short but sweet. Looks like there could be a sequel.



Not Complete-well worth a look.




Mother Nature by A. Crossland. This one will be quite long and he is working on it.


Universal Voyage by Bizz.


The Dark Ages.Reverse RPG, the main boss is on a quest. 


The Chrononaut by Space.


Biohazard-9373, zombies.  Not sure if complete as I keep getting killed by zombies. :o


Epic chicken quest-40286. Funny, unconventional RPG. Yes, you play as a chicken.


Knight of T.K.T.- 27827. RPG with some adult humour.


Bad Day-239-zombies.


RPG Island (Demoƒ) -5508. Different, you are playing an RPG, you are actually at an RPG festival, and within it are RPG portals. 


That is it for now. 


There are a lot of bad games, bad spelling, which does not bother me too much, and just bad glitches. 


I have been thinking about getting the RPG Maker Fes for fall or winter and create my own game, but I believe it is quite difficult to use as there are no tutorials. Perhaps by then, there will be a lot of help vids up on YouTube.

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Posted 09 August 2017 - 08:55 PM





Two of the games I have played and listed have been written up on this site. If you have the 3DS download the RPG Maker Player Fes for free and check out some good little games.

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