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DQ 11 coming in 2018.

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Posted 07 August 2017 - 09:49 AM

I am absolutely thrilled to learn of a new Dragon Quest game coming to the 3DS, and I believe Switch in 2018. Possibly late 2017, a set date is hard to come by until closer to the true release date. I wonder if a demo will be released. 




I think this game looks awesome on whichever system you would like to play it on. 


Dragon Quest games are some of my favourite games to play ever since I discovered them. 


This spring I finally finished both DQ 7 and 8, both very long games, and both very different.


DQ 7 was a very interesting game, frustrating for some that I talked to about it, but I loved it. You travel between the past and present to different locations via tablets, as you try to help those in the past and unlock/release new areas from an evil that has them locked away. There is a lot to remember in this game as you travel back and forth.


DQ 8 was more straightforward as you help a King who has been cursed. You can also do alchemy in this game, which keeps you collecting monster drops and buying items in order to have the best weapons. 


Both games had tons to do in them, and if you are a completionist, which I am not, then both these games can keep you busy for a long time.


Do you like DQ games? Are you planning on getting this one? Have you finished DQ 7 and/or 8?



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