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Pokemon Yellow Glitch Guide

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Posted 29 April 2009 - 05:42 PM

Heyall, I decided to make a library of glitches for Pokemon Yellow, using experience in my own expirimentation and some help in finding out all 256 of the HEXcode possibilities. This is more of making myself feel good and have something to do than helping all of you, because I seriously doubt any of you will use this information, but it'd be super cool if you did and I'd like to know about any glitches or myths of glitches I can test. So, hooray!

I don't have images for this, but might add some later i dunno. just too lazy to start up an emulator and screencap everything. I'll try to explain things as best as I can without them.

Glitches for Pokemon Yellow

yeaaah title >=]

I'm going to go over the most useful glitch first, which is using dittos and battling trainers to get any pokemon or glitch pokemon you desire, then go over other useful glitches, and then minor ones that are just neat and novelty.

The Gambler Trick

Alright, this is a little complicated at first, but is well worth getting to know and is extremely, EXTREMELY useful. Pretty much, games used to be programmed using a code called Hexadecimal. these are numbers that go from 0 to 255, so there are 256 combinations of things. In pokemon yellow, there are 256 pokemons/trainers/glitches you can encounter, 256 items/glitch items, and 256 moves/glitch moves. I personally do not know how to figure out glitch items and moves, that's an expert hacker sortof thing, but I've got encountering pokemon and trainers figured out top to bottom.

Alright, so the way this glitch works is, you have to battle a pokemon that's special level is equal to the desired pokemon's representative Hex number before doing the glitch and encountering it. There are two ways to do this: Find out all wild pokemon's and trainer's pokemon's special levels through extreme amounts of expirimentation, or the easy way: have a wild ditto transform into your pokemon, copying your pokemon's special level.

To find your pokemon's special level, just simply go into stats. Say, your pokemon has a special level of 124. 124 is Metapod's representative Hex number. why you'd want to cheat for a metapod, I do not know, but it's just an example. Have that pokemon ready, if you want a metapod, or use the HEX list I'm including in this post to find which pokemon you want.

Step 1:

(Required: A Pokemon that knows Fly and an escape rope. a poke-ball of some sort helps too.)

To do this glitch, you must have two things: West of Lavender town, there is a Gambler on that route. If you step out of the building with the underground path, and then take another step down, he will try and battle you. He must not have been battled previously to doing this glitch. You also need a trainer somewhere who has not been battled aswell. If he has been battled, restart your game mate. and battle as few people as possible in the process.

Go to the space directly below the Underground Path entrance west of lavender town without encountering the gambler for battle. If you do on accident, restart your game. never battle this man. When you're ready, take a step south away from the door and instantly pause your game. Have one of your pokemon fly to Cinnabar island. Before your pokemon flies, you should see an exclamation point appear above his head, then your pokemon will fly away, as if the game didn't notice he's trying to battle you. if you failed, restart your game and try again. it takes some practice.

Step 2:

Battle any trainer. not the gambler. battle any trainer but the gambler. The trainer also can't be on the route that the gambler's on. if you enter that route, you'll have to restart the glitch. Don't step in the space directly in front of the trainer either, they must walk up to you. if you step directly in front of them, your game will freeze and you'll have to start the glitch over. Fly to Cinnabar island after beating a trainer.

Step 3:

Once you have flown to Cinnabar Island, go to the abandoned mansion in the upper-right corner. Go into the basement, and wander around until you find a ditto. Remember that pokemon with a special level of 124? make sure he's at the top of your list. When you find a ditto, don't kill it. Let it transform into your pokemon. When it does that, it copies your pokemon's special level. Afterwards, kill the ditto. Then instantly use an escape rope before encountering another pokemon.

Step 4:

After using the Escape rope, fly to Lavender town instantly. Go west to the route the gambler is on. The moment you step on the route, your start screen will come up. Push 'B' to get rid of it, and you will instantly encounter a wild pokemon. If you did the glitch with a pokemon that has a special of 124, you will encounter a level 7 metapod. Catch it, kill it, do whatever you want with it. you have successfully done the gambler glitch.

You can repeat this glitch as many times as you want as long as you don't battle the gambler. You can do it with any Special level. when a pokemon's special level goes over 255, it restarts. so a pokemon with a special level of 257 is a pokemon with a special level of 2, which happens to be kangaskhan. The pokemon will always be level 7.

If all you want is Mew....

There's an easier way to do this.

Step 1:

Do the same thing with the gambler, except fly to cerulean city afterwards. you must not have battled the Jr Trainer with the slowpoke on the way to bill's house.

Step 2:

Go on the route to bill's house, and defeat that Jr Trainer with the slowpoke. Instantly fly to Lavender town after beating him. Remember not to step directly in front of him.

Step 3:

Go onto the route with the gambler, and, Viola! Mew!

The reason that works is the Jr Trainer's slowpoke has a special level of 21 =P

Also, most of the channelers in lavender town's haunters and gastlys make it so missingnos appear. For future reference.

Hybrid Pokemon

I have a couple prizes. A level 100 Metapod that knows Blizzard and Earthquake, and a level 100 Magikarp that's ghost type and knows Dream Eater, Hypnosis, Explosion and Mega Drain.

Curious? yeah, probably.

Step 1)

Using the Gambler Glitch I just described, catch a glitch pokemon nicknamed '4 4 Hy'. Use a pokemon with a special level of 192. After catching this pokemon, level it up once, with a rare candy or by battling it. It will evolve into a pokemon nicknamed 'Q'. Q is odd, it makes pokemon below it in lists invisible, but they are still there.

Step 2)

Catch a worthless pokemon, say, a caterpie. Then take two pokemon you wish to make a hybrid of. One just for the pokemon itself, everything about it will change except for the sprite and certian code information. Then take a second pokemon and train it to be what you want your first pokemon to be, minus the sprite. Say, what I did, a level 100 Gengar and a level 5 magikarp. I will use these pokemon as examples. The Magikarp adopted everyting the Gengar had. Level, Attacks, Type, Name and Stats.

Step 3)

Take these four pokemon, the caterpie, Q, Magikarp and Gengar, and a fifth one just to keep in your party so you can deposit them all. Go to an empty pokemon box in your PC, and deposit the pokemon like this:

- Caterpie
- Q
- Magikarp
- Gengar

When that's done, close the box. Then, go to withdraw, and withdraw the caterpie.

After that, nutsness occurs. You get a few weird pokemon out of this.

- Caterpie(looking innocent)
- Q(original)
- Q(Magikarp)
- Magikarp(Gengar)

Congratulations XD do this with any pokemon you wish.


If you evolve the pokemon you hyrbided, it gets back it's stats, name, type, everything. except the moves remain the same. If it tickles your fancy to have a Gyarados that knows explosion, do so.

Multiplying Items

This is a little embarrassing, but if anyone's going to use these glitches, I need a bit of help. I remember only somewhat how to do this.

If you encounter a MissingNo. using the gambler glitch, whether you kill it or catch it, it will multiply some items in your inventory. Here's the problem: I know it makes about 120 copies of the item, but I do not know exactly how many, and I don't know precisely which slot it multiplies the item in. I have long since exhausted the channelers that give me easy MissingNo.s in my pokemon yellow version, and am too lazy to check, for MissingNo.s freeze your game about 1 in 5 times, and the gambler trick is lengthy.

so if anyone's willing, refresh me memory XD would be cool. Use the channelers in the tower, most but not all make missingnos happen, and you don't even need a ditto or anything.

Surfing on Statues/People

This one's weird and only really useful for one thing. You can use it to get to Bill's Secret Garden and to go back to agatha from Lance in the elite four, but that's pointless so I won't cover them. It's put to way better use for re-boarding a brand new S.S. Anne. And this isn't the silly 'die on the way back from learning cut' thing to go see the truck, this is actually reboarding a brand new SS Anne, with the ability to get the Cut HM and re-battle everyone.

To do this glitch, you need to stand to the upper left of a statue/person, and then walk right while pushing start, and then saving and restarting the game. if done right, and you surf with a pokemon, you will surf down even though you are facing right. Directly onto a person or statue. This took me lots of practice and will probably take anyone else tons aswell.

Step 1:

Go to the dock that leads to the SS anne. There's a guy there stopping you from re-entering the area. Stand on the square directly above and to the left of him. Then, step right while pushing start and saving. Restart your game, and you will be facing right.

Step 2:

have your pokemon Surf, and it will surf directly on top of the guy. continue down and enter the SS Anne area, with a completely new ship waiting for you to rob it! =D!

Glitch Areas

these are cool and rather pointless, but, like I said, extremely freaking cool.

Step 1:

Go to the safari zone and take a few steps, and then re-enter the building. When they ask you if you want to leave, say 'no'.

Step 2:

when it pushes you back out, don't step anywhere, just save your game. restart it.

Step 3:

Go back inside. if it worked correctly, he'll be all 'welcome to the safari zone!' like you weren't inside it. Say 'no' when he asks if you want to enter, and you can leave. Then, wander for awhile. Eventually, 'PA: Ding dong! time's up!' will come up XD which is cool. no matter where you are, you will find yourself entering the safari zone building. 'did you have a nice haul? come again sometime!'

Step 4:

Step outside. depending on where you were, crazy stuff happens, or you walk out of a building and nothing happens. When crazy stuff happens, it's a bunch of random game sprites that are typically really hard to navigate, so always have a pokemon that knows 'Fly' so you can leave, and a pokemon that knows Surf or Cut so you can navigate the place better. I've never ran into needing strength.

There are caves that can be entered in some, but I don't typically. they're scary.

three good places to do this glitch at:

Go to cinnabar island waters after leaving the safari zone. this glitch place is easy to navigate.

Go to the cylcing road. It's okay, not my favorite.

Go to the route above vermilion city. Just, a crazy maze place. be sure and have a pokemon that knows surf.

Can I somehow use this glitch to walk through walls?

yes! thanks for asking that completely applicable random question!

Step 1:

have one pokemon, with lots of HP and have some potions. And get it poisoned. make sure it doesn't die.

Step 2:

Do the Glitch area glitch, but count the steps you make so the very last one is jumping over a ledge. it's a little difficult but possible. might take a couple restartings of the game, count how many steps you make from a save point.

Step 3:

You'll jump into the safari building, but don't leave it either direction. just walk around inside it until your pokemon dies of poison. Then you'll be at a pokemon center. and you can walk through walls =]

Hex 153 glitch

the coolest novelty glitch in my opinion.

Do the gambler glitch using a pokemon with a special level of 251, 252, 254 or 255. You'll encounter a trainer that turns all of your pokemon into level 153 bulbasaurs that know explosion. Use any item, and the battle will end for some reason. DO NOT save your game, your data will be erased, but mess around with your bulbasaurs for a bit. it also changes some of the letters in your name to 'Z'. it's just cool XD not useful at all.

weird part: Explosion and Bulbasaur are Hex code 153, and another weird part is, the third moves of your pokemon, the third pokemon, and the third letter in your name are unafflicted. WEIIIRD cool glitch. I didn't discover it though, thank you Jack.

Cycling road without bike

incredibly easy and neat way to get through the game fast. when the person is stopping you from entering the cycling road, continually push 'A' and you'll walk right through.

Get to the top of Lavender Tower without silph scope

another fast thing, because getting the silph scope sucks. Just grab a poke doll at celadon city. Use it on the ghost of the marowak that appears, and it'll run away. Then it disappears and you can continue up the stairs.

I actually discovered this one on accident when I was younger, I thought that's how you were supposed to do it. didn't realize until recently it was a bug in the game.

See ghost's identity without silph scope

when encountering a ghost, view any of your pokemon's stats. when you get back, you will see a gastly, haunter, or marowak sprite. cool, huh?

There are tons of other glitches I don't feel the need to list, but if anyone's curious for more just ask. the rest are pointless pretty much XD



I've tested all of these and it's awwwesome. these are all of the pokemons/trainers/glitches hex codes for pokemon yellow! do the gambler glitch using pokemon that have specials of what you want to encounter on this list.

1 - Rhydon
2 - Kangaskhan
3 - Nidoran (male)
4 - Clefairy
5 - Spearow
6 - Voltorb
7 - Nidoking
8 - Slowbro
9 - Ivysaur
10 - Exeggutor
11 - Lickitung
12 - Exeggcute
13 - Grimer
14 - Gengar
15 - Nidoran (female)
16 - Nidoqueen
17 - Cubone
18 - Rhyhorn
19 - Lapras
20 - Arcanine
21 - Mew
22 - Gyarados
23 - Shellder
24 - Tentacool
25 - Ghastly
26 - Scyther
27 - Staryu
28 - Blastoise
29 - Pinsir
30 - Tangela
31 - MissingNo.
32 - MissingNo.
33 - Growlithe
34 - Onix
35 - Fearow
36 - Pidgey
37 - Slowpoke
38 - Kadabra
39 - Graveler
40 - Chansey
41 - Machoke
42 - Mr. Mime
43 - Hitmonlee
44 - Hitmonchan
45 - Arbok
46 - Parasect
47 - Psyduck
48 - Drowzee
49 - Golem
50 - MissingNo.
51 - Magmar
52 - MissingNo.
53 - Electabuzz
54 - Magneton
55 - Koffing
56 - MissingNo.
57 - Mankey
58 - Seel
59 - Diglett
60 - Tauros
61 - MissingNo.
62 - MissingNo.
63 - MissingNo.
64 - Farfetch'd
65 - Venonat
66 - Dragonite
67 - MissingNo.
68 - MissingNo.
69 - MissingNo.
70 - Doduo
71 - Poliwag
72 - Jynx
73 - Moltres
74 - Articuno
75 - Zapdos
76 - Ditto
77 - Meowth
78 - Krabby
79 - MissingNo.
80 - MissingNo.
81 - MissingNo.
82 - Vulpix
83 - Ninetales
84 - Pikachu
85 - Raichu
86 - MissingNo.
87 - MissingNo.
88 - Dratini
89 - Dragonair
90 - Kabuto
91 - Kabutops
92 - Horsea
93 - Seadra
94 - MissingNo.
95 - MissingNo.
96 - Sandshrew
97 - Sandslash
98 - Omanyte
99 - Omastar
100 - Jigglypuff
101 - Wigglytuff
102 - Eevee
103 - Flareon
104 - Jolteon
105 - Vaporeon
106 - Machop
107 - Zubat
108 - Ekans
109 - paras
110 - Poliwhirl
111 - Poliwrath
112 - Weedle
113 - Kakuna
114 - Beedrill
115 - MissingNo.
116 - Dodrio
117 - Primeape
118 - Dugtrio
119 - Venemoth
120 - Dewgong
121 - MissingNo.
122 - MissingNo.
123 - Caterpie
124 - Metapod
125 - Butterfree
126 - Machamp
127 - MissingNo.
128 - Golduck
129 - Hypno
130 - Golbat
131 - Mewtwo
132 - Snorlax
133 - Magikarp
134 - MissingNo.
135 - MissingNo.
136 - Muk
137 - MissingNo.
138 - Kingler
139 - Cloyster
140 - MissingNo.
141 - Electrode
142 - Clefable
143 - Weezing
144 - Persian
145 - Marowak
146 - MissingNo.
147 - Haunter
148 - Abra
149 - Alakazam
150 - Pidgeotto
151 - Pidgeot
152 - Starmie
153 - Bulbasaur
154 - Venasaur
155 - Tentacruel
156 - MissingNo.
157 - Goldeen
158 - Seaking
159 - MissingNo.
160 - MissingNo.
161 - MissingNo.
162 - MissingNo.
163 - Ponyta
164 - Rapidash
165 - Rattata
166 - Raticate
167 - Nidorino
168 - Nidorina
169 - Geodude
170 - Porygon
171 - Aerodactyl
172 - MissingNo.
173 - Magnemite
174 - MissingNo.
175 - MissingNo.
176 - Charmander
177 - Squirtle
178 - Charmeleon
179 - Wartortle
180 - Charizard
181 - MissingNo.
182 - MissingNo. (Kabutops Fossil)
183 - MissingNo. (Aerodactyl Fossil)
184 - MissingNo. (Unidentified Ghost)
185 - Oddish
186 - Gloom
187 - Vileplume
188 - Bellsprout
189 - Weepinbell
190 - Victreebell
191 - 4 4
192 - 4 4 Hy
193 - Female symbol
194 - p PkMn p' '
195 - Z4
196 - X - x
197 - 4 . .
198 - 7 g
199 - u
200 - Jacred (Freezes)
201 - Youngster
202 - Bug Catcher
203 - Lass
204 - Sailor
205 - Jr. Trainer (Male)
206 - Jr. Trainer (Female)
207 - Poke'maniac
208 - Super nerd
209 - Hiker
210 - Biker
211 - Burglar
212 - Engineer
213 - Juggler
214 - Fisherman
215 - Swimmer
216 - Cue Ball
217 - Gambler
218 - Beauty
219 - Psychic
220 - Rocker
221 - Juggler
222 - Tamer
223 - Bird keeper
224 - Blackbelt
225 - Rival (#1)
226 - Professor Oak
227 - Chief
228 - Scientist
229 - Giovanni
230 - Rocket
231 - Cooltrainer (Male)
232 - Cooltrainer (Female)
233 - Bruno
234 - Brock
235 - Misty
236 - Lt. Surge
237 - Erika
238 - Koga
239 - Blaine
240 - Sabrina
241 - Gentleman
242 - Rival (#2)
243 - Rival (#3)
244 - Lorelei
245 - Channeler
246 - Agatha
247 - Lance
248 - Freezes Game
249 - Freezes Game
250 - Freezes Game
251 - HEX 153 Glitch
252 - HEX 153 Glitch
253 - Glitch Trainer (Freezes Game)
254 - HEX 153 Glitch
255 - HEX 153 Glitch

Hope this helps =]

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