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New Pipeliner Rules!

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Posted 02 March 2013 - 10:24 PM

Howdy everyone!! One of the changes we've decided to implement is a revision/overhaul of our Rules. Since they're being changed, I thought it appropriate to make an official "Forum Rules" post in the Bulletin, so you'll all have quick and easy access to see them, as well as being able to check them via the "Rules" link at the bottom of your page. These are the new Official Rules of the Nintendo Pipeline. I hope you'll all give them a read at least once, as I spent quite a bit of time working on them. XD

Welcome to the Nintendo Pipeline! As a member of the forums, we ask that you abide by the following rules:


  • The Golden Rule; treat others the way you want them to treat you and be respectful. Everyone is different with various opinions. Even if you disagree, be respectful of those opinions. All rules can arguably be traced back to this single statement.
  • Harassment and trolling are two things we take seriously. Don't do them; no one gets enjoyment out of it, and the punishment isn't light.
  • Drama between people who disagree is almost bound to happen. Please make an effort to handle things maturely, if not privately. If you really can't resolve things between yourselves, contact a Mod, as that is what we're here for.
  • Don't take it upon yourself to take the place of a Mod in the event an incident breaks out between two other users. You have no more right to boss them around than they have to boss you around. Report the post and/or PM a Mod and then let them handle the issue.


  • Be courteous with what you post. Just because you might be fine with explicit material of a sexual or graphically violent nature, it doesn't mean everyone else is. Posting content like this (i.e. softcore or hardcore pornography, graphic scenes of gore and/or torture, etc.) is prohibited. Questionable incidents will be handled on a case-by-case basis, with the final verdict being left to the staff's discretion.
  • Derogatory slurs/strong language could fall under the heading of "harassment" when directed at a specific user, but sometimes they're posted as pictures or in a video. If you post media that has slurs or strong language, please either put it in a spoiler box and give an appropriate warning.
  • Plagiarism is a huge deal and is not a prank or joke. It's theft, and is serious enough to get you in major legal trouble depending on who you plagiarized from.
  • Advertising can be a touchy subject in an online community such as this. Due to the fact that blatant and over-the-top advertising can lead to problems, it would be best if you didn't advertise at all. However, putting small advertisements in your signature to your own personal blog, DeviantArt, and so on, is perfectly fine. You may advertise freely in your personal profile area as long as you keep every other rule in mind. Advertising restrictions will be more lax if you're an affiliate. If you wish to become affiliated with the Pipeline, contact an Admin.
  • Illegal materials are prohibited; please don't distribute them, as doing so creates many problems for everyone involved. Discussion is permitted to an extent: only in the context of the serious discussion board. Threads talking about the distribution of anything illegal will be promptly shut down.
  • Topics are called threads for a reason. After all, they are the reasons you're responding to it in the first place. For that reason, we ask that you try to keep threads on topic. Minor deviation here and there is natural, but not a total derailing of an entire thread. If you have to really stop and think twice about whether your post pertains to the topic of the thread or not, it most likely doesn't.
  • On that same note, regardless of the topic of the thread; if you have to think twice about a post, an avatar, a signature, and so on, it's probably best to not post it at all.


  • Once you've created an account, you're good to go. There's no reason for you to create an alternate or secondary account. It's confusing and unnecessary, and action will be taken when we catch it.
  • Take responsibility for your account. If you leave your account logged in and a buddy of yours decides to jump on and break the rules, you'll still have to deal with the punishment. Contextual information will be taken into consideration by the staff, but don't expect a punishment to simply vanish because it might not have been you sitting at your computer.
  • Necro-posting, thread bumping, or whatever you may call it is not allowed. If we see a years-old thread get a post, we'll usually just lock it. You're free to make a new thread for the same topic, but don't go dredging up threads that have been around longer than most of our active users. Generally, if there hasn't been a reply in 6 months or longer, it's probably best to just let it stay that way.
  • Flashing avatars or signatures can look pretty cool sometimes. However, they tend to cause problems when they're used. Not only are they fairly annoying, but some people may be photosensitive. It'd be best if anything in your avatar or signature just didn't flash.
  • If you feel like someone is harassing or trolling you, be sure to check the rules. If you feel like they've somehow broken a rule, let a Mod know. Even if they haven't necessarily been blatant with breaking a rule, asking a Mod to check into it anyway might not be a bad idea. However, if they've done absolutely nothing outside the bounds of the rules, a Mod won't be able to help you. Instead, you may utilize the  "Block" feature so that you can easily ignore them.
  • If you end up being punished with a ban, take responsibility and wait out your ban period. Secondary accounts made to circumvent a ban will be dealt with swiftly. It would also be best if you didn't get into contact with some forum friends and have them pass messages onto the forum for you. If they're your friends, you probably have some kind of instant messaging ability, and you can use that for communication while you're waiting for your ban to be over. Things will go much more smoothly for you, and anyone who you might ask to spread messages for you, if you simply just wait.
  • To summarize, just remember to follow the general rules. A lot of individual boards also have rules, so check up on those the first time you enter. It's also a good practice to make sure a thread you're posting in doesn't have further rules to follow before posting. Thread creators tend to take the breaking of their rules very seriously, just as the staff takes the breaking of any rules seriously.
  • The staff will always have the final say in any and all site issues. If any of the rules are violated or broken, or the general peace and order of the site is threatened or disturbed, the staff will take appropriate actions determined by the severity of the offense, including, but not limited to: warnings, post deletion, thread deletion, post restriction, and temporary or permanent bans.

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, or death threats, simply PM any staff member!

We hope you enjoy your time here on the Pipeline!!


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Good night, and Big Balls.