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Yo-kai Watch 2(third game) Psychic Specters -this Fall.

07 August 2017 - 10:59 AM

Everyone knows about the new Pokemon games coming out in November 2017, Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, but did you know there is a new Yo-kai Watch game coming out in Sept. 2017? Because who would not rather collect Yo-kai than Pokemon? I love both games actually, but Yo-kai are something special and very fun. 



Yo-kai are those little spirits, ghosts, demons in Japanese lore that can be helpful but, mostly they cause mischief. If you are having a bad day put it down to a Yo-kai being near you.


This new game, Psychic Specters is the third in the series of Yo-kai Wach 2. It is a single game that ties into the first two Bony Spirits/Fleshy Souls. It will take place in the same areas and it has the same time traveling from present to the past, as the other two games had. In this game, you will find out a bit more about how Yo-kai came to be and answers to more burning questions you may have had about Yo-kai.


There will be new Yo-kai and new trains, new areas, and new quests. 


Quests are a big part of Yo-kai Watch games, it is good to be helpful and often times people are having a hard time and need your help because of those prankster loving Yo-kai.


I love Yo-kai Watch games. They are fun, quirky, beautiful, and I love the battle system.


The battle system for Yo-kai Watch is not standard and not everyone has fallen in love with it. Some people think that you as the player are not taking charge and just watching your Yo-kai do their thing. The same could be said for Pokemon, you choose a Pokemon you choose to attack and you choose a move. Unless a game is real time battle you are always going to be watching your characters battle.


I find the pace fast and you have to be always watching to see when you can unleash your best moves when you need to heal or give a healing item and you have to spin that wheel as some Yo-kai are better at dealing with certain types of enemies. Many of the battles can be challenging. While this is all going on your are also trying to "catch" get a new Yo-kai to join you, and this is hit or miss, though there are things you can do to up the chances of befriending a Yo-kai.


 You have a maximum of 6 Yo-kai that you battle with. You can set up any Yo-kai that you want to use on a wheel, place them next to other Yo-kai of the same Tribe (Slippery Tribe, Eerie, Heartful, and so on)  to get a boost. Yo-kai have attitudes, much like Pokemon natures, and you can boost attitude or in some cases change it with special books you buy or find.


While in battle you can spin the wheel so that your top three are in combat, this gives you many combinations to select to be the most effective. The wheel battle system is fast and can be furious in a boss battle. The Yo-kai battle in auto mode, but there is a special attack that is a Soultimate move, when the Soultimate gauge is full you perform an action on the bottom 3DS screen with your stylus and your Soultimate move will be unleashed.


What new Yo-kai await Nate and what new stories will be told?


I am very excited to play this new addition to the Yo-kai Watch games.