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GUESS WHO'S BACK!? Yes again. I really need to stop leaving. Which will be hard with school starting Tuesday. Updated 28 Aug · 2 comments

About Me

Oh? You've come to see this again for some reason? Well you'll notice my whole wall is gone. I think most people got it already, and if you didn't, well it doesn't concern you.
Ignore this here is my old intro :v
[spoiler]Well, here this then. My name is Shadow, though you can call me Nicole if you'd like. I'm 16, a big fan of Pokemon, and have a secret that only a few know, although that's about to change.


I'm a guy. Male, a dude, whatever. Physically, I'm just a slightly overweight guy who's a loner.


Mentally is where it gets complicated. Mentally, I'm a girl. Female, dudette, whatever. And I want to change my physical body to identify with my mental state. Become who I am without having to put on an act of being male. Because I'm not. No where near it at all. I'm about as girlish as you can really get. And hate being male or being referred to as male. So please just use "her" or "she" when talking about me.


I also have a bit of a mental problem besides wanting to shed my male shell (or just get hormone treatments...) and be a girl. That other mental problem called Destiny. A Mew OC of mine that's... kinda realish. Wasn't my fault though! She jumped me one night in a back alley of my mind, and kinda became a burr stuck to me ever since. Although currently she's not around (thank Mew), you should know about her.


Oh, and I guess I can mention I'll substitute "Mew" for "god" a bunch. It came with reading too many Pokemon fanfictions. But oh well. It's a good quirk I think. Even if I've done it a few times irl before



So, uh, yeah. That's me. The boy who hates being a boy. The girl trapped inside (although not for long if I have any say and can put up with being a guy long enough


Now, I think I'll need to work on this as I reintegrate myself into the community. For now, just know my interests and that I will likely swing at you with my aura-imbued rapier if you anger me.

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